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Hello, I'm Marissa, but you can call me Mari or Mandy (I don't like my name). Proud Elfish and E.L.F <3 I love all K-Pop and anything related to Asian culture. Don't be afraid to say 안녕하세요! I love meeting new Tumblr friends. "I hope to meet you someday in Seoul, before I become consumed by the streets of Tokyo". ~ 94 liner ~

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Donghae broke the light stick then he took another one … And he broke it too//cr: Caihua Min

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eunhyuk’s ment @ 100th super show

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Hae ment for 100th Super Show cr

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here i stand

here i stand

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red velvet meeting their fans

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Kim Jongin you tease (╯°□°)╯┻━┻

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In sixth grade, Chanyeol was literally part of a ferret club. [It’s not a fandom joke based off of those predebut pics; it’s a fact.] That meeting Chanyeol attended was for the “Ferret-Loving (or ‘Those Who Love Ferrets’) Club” (“페렛을 사랑하는 동호회”). The members have ferret “partners” to take care of so they get to name the ferrets as well. & Members wear tags with their ferret’s name and age, so the huge, white one that Chanyeol had on in those pics was his “ferret tag.” Chanyeol attended quite a couple of these club meetings.

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—light on the shore—


light on the shore



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