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Hello, I'm Marissa, but you can call me Mari or Mandy (I don't like my name). Proud Elfish and E.L.F <3 I love all K-Pop and anything related to Asian culture. Don't be afraid to say 안녕하세요! I love meeting new Tumblr friends. "I hope to meet you someday in Seoul, before I become consumed by the streets of Tokyo". ~ 94 liner ~

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Vegan Sushi - As Requested!


Vegan Sushi - As Requested!


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140821 TAEMIN (feat. KAI of EXO) - Pretty Boy @M Countdown

both jonghyuns & als ice bucket challenge

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Flirting w/ EXO-K: Real tips from real pros

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what if obama does the ice bucket challenge and nominates queen elizabeth

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kanginnim: everyone, please participate

kimheenim: This time, I am doing it after fully understanding the details. I was splashed twiced so I will be donating 200dollars. By doing this, hopefully more people will take notice of this. Good luck. The people I nominate to do next are ‘Teacher Lee Soo Man, Kim Young Man Representative, SNSD Leader Taeyeon’

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When fan service goes bad

(credit to CHUPOPCHU for vid)

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Tagged: Happy Belated birthday Kibum-ah!

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This never fails to make me laugh. 

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Ryeowook Twitter Update | 140821

@ryeong9:It was an honor to participate in the `Ice Bucket Challenge`! I hope it will become a small message of hope for Lou Gehrig’s disease patients! Lastly, the next people I chose are EXO DO, Infinite L, VIXX N!! (T)

shinee’s resident shawol lee taemin

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